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Diane Godwin selected School Nurse of the Year 2106

Diane Godwin, 2016 WVASN School Nurse of the Year

It is with great pleasure to announce that our West Virginia School Nurse of the Year award goes to Mrs. Diane Godwin from Upshur County.

Diane's dedication to the students and personnel she serves makes her an outstanding representative for West Virginia School Nurses. Mrs. Diane Godwin has consistently demonstrated exemplary school nursing skills and high practice standards, even achieving National School Nurse Certification.

With over 30 years nursing experience, Mrs. Godwin has a wide array of experience which includes critical care, research, and college health as well as having served on the Upshur County Board of Education. Diane is passionate in supporting the health of students and staff and promoting healthy lifestyle choices. She understands that healthy students equal better learners.

Furthermore, Mrs. Godwin directs specialized care and management for Upshur County students with acute and chronic health conditions including severe food and environmental allergies, diabetes, and seizures. Without her careful guidance, these health conditions would negatively affect her students' educational experience. Diane also provides necessary staff development trainings while promoting students' progression toward independence in managing their health conditions.

As a school nurse and a leader in her community, Diane's work keeps the students of Upshur County healthy and in school which will result in giving children the best opportunity of becoming productive citizens. Congratulations to our 2016-17 West Virginia school nurse of the year Diane Godwin.